Investigación IGEO


The work done in the IGEO aims to advance the study of the interaction between internal and external processes that have led to our planet and continue to shape its evolution. So IGEO current research focuses on three departments:

  • Department of Earth Dynamics and Earth Observation, which deals with the study of the dynamics of the Earth System over a broad range of temporal-spatial scales such as the evolution of orogenic belts, dynamic topographic change, deep Earth strcuture and thermal evolution.
  • Department of Sedimentary Geology and Enviromental Change, which is responsible for the modeling and analysis of the global climate as well as the characterization of past environmental changes over large spatial and temporal scales.
  • Department of Geomaterials, which deals with the study of mechanisms of formation and alteration of geological materials in both natural and artificial environments.

The research has developed in an inclusive IGEO and requires multidisciplinary approaches in problems of Geology, Geodesy and Geophysics showing emphasis on current socioeconomic problems framed in the field of social sustainability and environmental conservation as natural hazard analysis, the study of global change, geological resources or the design of new materials and production processes.