The Geosciences Institute Library is a public research library that belongs to the CSIC Libraries Network, en este caso en colaboración con la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

The research lines of the institute cover:

  • Paleontology (vertebrates and invertebrates)
  • Petrology (endogenous and exogenous)
  • Geologic cartography
  • Stratigraphy and Historic Geology
  • Basin research and Sedimentology
  • Cartography and Remote sensing
  • Hydrogeology
  • Software development in Geodesy
  • Earth tides
  • Theoric models
  • Earth rotation
  • Geodesy applied to geologic and anthropogenic hazards
  • Gravimetry, Microgravity and the inverse problem
  • Altimetry
  • Spatial Geodesy (GPS, InSAR and optic methods)

The printed journal collection is about 1.000 titles, 122 of them still alive, acquired by subscription or exchange agreements. We also keep a monograph collection of 10.000 items. Both journals and monographs are included in the bibliographic catalogue, CIRBIC

At the same time, CSIC Virtual Library allows you to search across all CSIC libraries and archives network collections, both print and electronic, including e-journals, e-books, databases, open access resources and others materials.